Part of the Montpelier Alive Design Committee, Parklet Project, 2013-2015

Montpelier Alive accomplishes its mission through a Board of Directors, Executive Director, Committees, and the help of many volunteers! If you are interested in getting involved as a volunteer or committee member, please contact our offices at 802-223-9604.

Office Staff

Dan Groberg, Executive Director, 


Design Committee: The Design Committee focuses on improving the physical aspects of Montpelier's Downtown (streetscape, lighting, facades, circulation, etc.) and developing strategies to ensure an attractive appearance, highlighting the city's unique assets and heritage.

Montpelier Business Association: ​The Montpelier Business Association (MBA) is a committee of Montpelier Alive that acts as a support network and united voice for small downtown businesses. The group meets regularly to coordinate promotions, networking, and events, and discuss important topics that collectively impact downtown small businesses. Through the MBA and our work with the Montpelier Development Corporation, we strive to ensure a thriving downtown business environment. 

Communications Committee: The Communications Committee focuses on developing and implementing a marketing strategy to help promote Montpelier Alive and our work and to market Montpelier as a destination for visitors.

Administrative Committee: The Administrative Committee focuses on managing the organizational structure to assure there will be the basis for a long-term, self-sustaining and stable organization.

Fundraising Committee: The Fundraising Committee works to ensure to long-term financial health of our organization. 

Event Coordinating Committees: Specific committees exist to help us carry out our downtown events and programming, including a July 3rd Committee and an Art Walk Committee. 

Designated Downtown

Shortly after Montpelier Alive was formed in 1999, we received State of Vermont recognition as a Designated Downtown. Through this program, downtown property owners and renters are eligible for tax credits. The downtown can also create its own signage, apply for special transportation funds, and take advantage of special state programs designed for downtowns.