Member Highlight: Emerge with Amy LePage

Mar 20 2024

Tell us about Emerge with Amy LePage’s offerings:

First off, I’m excited to be in my new office/studio space right downtown at 15 State St. (shared with The Everything Space). I hope you’ll join me at my Open House for Free Classes, snacks & tea, and raffles. It’s this Sunday, March 24th from 1:30 - 7:15 pm. Here’s class times and “stop by & say hi” times.


All of my offerings involve guiding people to better understand their body and nervous systems while they move, breathe, interact, respond and navigate life’s moments and world around them. 


I have two main focal points of my work:

  • Somatic Bodywork, Somatic Skills Coaching & Therapeutic Somatic and Functional Movement Classes, and
  • Pre/Postnatal Movement Classes, Holistic Childbirth Preparation, Pelvic Floor Education & Pre/Postnatal Somatic Bodywork for every pregnant person and all family configurations. 


Wondering what is somatics? 

I see Somatics as a practice that helps grow one’s ability to become more internally self aware, while also being aware of the external world, and how that external world impacts one's internal state and visa-versa. 

Why are movement, breath and somatic practices important? 

I find my students and clients explain it best: 

  • “I go in each week feeling like the tin man and come out with a full range of motion and a clear mind.” Somatic Movement Class
  • “What an enjoyable way to build healthier posture and movement habits!”  Somatic Movement Class
  • “I! Feel! Better!  For real! I didn't really notice until the end of the day when suddenly I thought: WOW!” Somatic Bodywork Session 
  • “Was feeling that anxious feeling rise and remembered to move my “shoulder blade wings”. It helps so much to notice what’s going on in my body.”  Somatic Bodywork Session
  • “I knew I was looking for something that would nourish my body, and help me more deeply prepare myself emotionally for my upcoming birth.I found exactly what I had been seeking.” Prenatal Bodywork Session


Tell us how you got started and how your work has evolved:

I’ve always loved anatomy and improvisational movement. And almost all of my jobs involved teaching in some shape or form. Having and raising two young humans was the catalyst for returning to my love of anatomy and movement. I needed solo time away from a 1 & 3 year old, so, I took some yoga classes. Turns out, my mental health and wellbeing improved dramatically when I was moving my body and tuning in to myself again. 


I decided to study a functional movement approach to yoga therapy while simultaneously learning more to offer support to pregnant people through yoga, doula work and childbirth education. In 2016 I began delving deeply into clinical somatics and continued to learn more about the pelvic floor, trauma-informed and trauma-responsive care, grief & loss, and nervous system regulation. 


What's something that is unique about your classes:

I blend my entire background into the way I teach and work with people.  My improvisational movement background informs how I create classes, how I listen to and respond to individual needs and craft a class around what people are curious to work on that day. 


What do I like about being downtown:

I was at Elm and Spring St. before the flood, and like many was forced to relocate. In the short time since I’ve been at 15 State St., I’ve noticed the energy and sense of community from being downtown. I find I also spend more time walking around, connecting with people, and enjoying working in cafes between clients or classes.  

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