Member Highlight - Kelly Cook of Minikin

Apr 16 2024


Member Highlight: Kelly Cook, owner of Minikin

What do you sell at Minikin?


 We sell baby and children’s clothing and toys. We currently offer clothing from newborn sizes up to 7 years of age. We choose brands that focus on ethical manufacturing practices, and use of natural fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo, and wooden toys. We want to offer items that will last your family through the years, look good, feel good, and have a healthy impact on the planet. 


Tell us "your story," how you started Minikin.


For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted my own shop. Over the years the vision of what that might look like changed and evolved. When my first baby was born in 2012 that vision shifted to a children’s shop, after finding so many wonderful clothing and toy brands that I fell in love with, as well as becoming involved in the Waldorf schooling community where beautiful, simple toys made of wood and other natural materials are prioritized as they encourage open-ended, imaginative play.


As for my shop name, I spent weeks brainstorming. When I landed on Minikin I had been thinking about children as our little kin, which made me think “Mini Kin” then I learned Minikin was actually a word meaning a small dainty creature/a small person or thing. And Minikin was born. 


While brainstorming names, I also recalled the name “Toys and Togs” which was a children’s toy and clothing store my parents owned in Lake Tahoe when I was a little kid. I hadn’t thought about that in many years, but it made me wonder if perhaps my shop dreams stemmed from fond childhood memories of their shop. 


Any changes in the future or plans for the store?


There are no big changes or plans for the future of Minikin, we did however return from the flood with a new woman’s section, highlighting items that support all stages of motherhood, women’s clothing including pieces that match some of our children’s items, and fun gifts in general - us moms have to treat ourselves too. Our new curation is not just for mothers!


As for our children’s side of the shop, we have a great new-to-the-shop brand called Rylee + Cru, as well as their sister brand, Quincy Mae who offers affordable, organic cotton baby clothing. I am always seeking new brands and products to bring in that are affordable, without sacrificing the high quality we strive to offer. We are actively working to adjust what we stock, to seek a healthy balance of affordability and quality.


What's special about being in the downtown and what do you like most about Montpelier?


I moved to Montpelier 8 years ago with my then 3 year old and a new baby, not knowing anyone here. As a single parent with small kids, it took awhile for me to make connections here. Opening this shop in town has been so, so nice for me to feel more involved with, and part of this wonderful community. 


The first time I drove through Montpelier on a roadtrip I said “this is my place” and I didn’t give up on making it my place. I love the river winding through town, Hubbard Park central to it all, the surrounding beauty, and most of all the people. 

We also just recently launched our long awaited website! You can now shop Minikin online at

- Thank you ALL for showing us SO much love and support after the flood!! We could not have reopened without all of you. 

Photo of Kelly with her youngest daughter, Pima.

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