Live Entertainment

State Street Performances

1:00 pm: Colin Campbell

2:00 pm: Wiley & Woodhead

3:00 pm: Colin Campbell

4:00 pm: Wiley & Woodhead

Langdon Street Performances

1:00 pm: Hilby, The Skinny German Juggling Boy

2:00 pm: Alakazam, The Human Knott

3:00 pm: Hilby, The Skinny German Juggling Boy

4:00 pm:  Alakazam, The Human Knott


Mr Crites & Woodhead - Sometimes all you need for a good laugh are the right two people. Through the alchemy of their partnership, Mr. Crites & Woodhead create a comic combustion of spontaneity and inventiveness reminiscent of uninhibited kids at play.  Together, the duo offers up an eclectic mix of character-driven vaudeville and circus, with an added pinch of zaniness, ensuring their audiences will be wearing their happy faces long after the show is over.