Live Entertainment

State Street Performance Pitch, sponsored by VSECU

1:00: YoYo Show
1:45: Brass Balagan     
2:00:  Peter Panic 
2:45: YoYo Show 
3:15:  Peter Panic

The Lot Pitch, sponsored by Barr Hill

1: Big Nazo
1:15:  El Gleno Grande 
2: Hokum Brothers with Big Nazo 
2:30-2:45: Brass Balagan
2:45: El Gleno Grande
3:30: Hokum Brothers with Big Nazo 

BIG NAZO LAB is an international, larger-than-life-sized performance group and Creature-making studio based in Providence, RI. Their shows & audience interactive strolls feature giant go-go dancing monsters, mischievous mountain trolls, bizarre extra-terrestrials, and hilarious human-animal hybrids who take turns invading stages and street corners while Intergalactic Zoo-Keepers and Mad Scientists weave cosmic tales of ridiculous wonder.

Brass Balagan - Burlington based street brass band playing roots in klezmer, balkan and banda music.

El Gleno Grande - Glenn Singer has been touring internationally as el Gleno Grande for over 30 years. He specializes in visual comedy using hilarious optical illusions, a dry delivery, and a warm conversational style. His spoof of a Circus Equestrian Act will have you laughing again every time you think about it. Appeals to all ages all around the world.

Hokum Brothers - Rare and original, their songs are catchy and integrated with humor; their lyrics speak of true-life experiences with a thread of the earliest cultural fabric we call Americana. The Hokum Brothers offer up an eclectic mix of original tunes (with a pinch of nostalgia) that ensure audiences will be tapping their feet and wearing their happy faces long after the show is over. Band members are: Woody Keppel, Terri Conti, and John Thompson Figueroa.

The Yo-Yo Show - John Higby, The Yo-Yo Guy, has performed his unique high energy comedy show in 26 countries, has been hugged by Mike Myers, performed for Tame Impala, and holds 4 Guinness World Records.

Peter Panic - Peter Panic started juggling in 1981 and became a full time professional in 1987. Since then he has delighted audiences in all 50 of the United States and countries across the globe.