Tumbling Blocks: A Community Quilt

Photo of a community quilt.A quilt is a covering, it makes one feel at home, safe. Our charge for most of the year has been to stay safe as individuals and stay home for the strength and health of the community at large. Montpelier Alive's Tumbling Blocks Quilt, installed in March 2021 at the Montpelier Transit Center, serves to  stitch together our community.

Individual designs created by the community at home are glued onto panels to come together as a community quilt. The four 4' by 8' panels contain over 350 individual submissions from more than 250 community members, including more than 100 students from Union Elementary School. 

Created by the Montpelier Alive Design Committee and Coordinating Artist Sabrina Fadial.

WCAX Screenshot

Thank you to AARP Vermont for supporting this project