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Today in Montpelier

Why Post Offices are crucial to the landscape of a healthy downtown

Feb 16 2024

On January 8th, 2024, Ben Doyle, chair of the Montpelier flood of 2023 Commission and Montpelier’s congressional delegation called for a rally to restore its downtown post office, after the building which housed it was devastated during last summer’s historic flooding. Community members spanning all ages demonstrated their needs and frustrations in order to bring federal attention to the impact of this essential, yet missing public service. Montpelier’s downtown - being the downtown of the State’s Capital - is the economic, cultural, and civic center of Vermont. The lack of convenient access to a post office has far-reaching implications on a myriad of levels which

Montpelier Commission for Recovery and Resilience works to create a more resilient community for all

Feb 08 2024

Washington County’s July flood impacted much of the Winooski River Watershed (This watershed begins in the town of Cabot and flows 90 miles to Lake Champlain in Colchester.) The watershed drains approximately 1,080 square miles in central Vermont, encompassing all of Washington County, along with other Vermont counties and is the largest tributary watershed to Lake Champlain. It includes almost 10% of the land area of Vermont. In addition, the river has seven major tributaries, most of them, North Branch, Dog River,  Stevens Branch, Little River and Mad River are located in Washington county (source from Friends of the Winooski