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Join us for our July 3rd Independence Day Celebration in Downtown Montpelier!

Today in Montpelier

An Inter-Galactic Independence Day in Montpelier!

Jun 17 2022

Families and friends, kids of all ages - join us at the new FamilyFest at this year’s July 3rd Independence Day Celebration! Montpelier Alive hopes to reignite the flame for family fun by offering an eclectic variety of performances this year on the Main Stage on the State House Lawn from 2-5pm.

Discovering The Front Gallery and Art Walk

Jun 03 2022

This Friday, June 3rd, is Art Walk in Montpelier! Montpelier Alive's Art Walk, supported by Northfield Savings Bank, showcases a wide array of community artists at venues throughout the city. On the first Friday of every other month, Montpelier celebrates the arts by partnering with artists and venues and creating a unique and entertaining event. This week, we take a look at the Front, an artist-run cooperative gallery on Barre Street and venue #7 in June's Art Walk.

Summer Events in Central Vermont

May 11 2022

Some would say that summer is the best season in Vermont. Even though we can make the case for every season, it's hard to argue with gorgeous weather (escape the humidity and visit our magical land where the average high in July is just 83!), long summer evenings, front porch living, and dips in the swimming hole. But summer in Vermont also means fun, festive, and unique events throughout central Vermont!

Celebrate Spring during Montpelier's Month-Long Mayfest!

Apr 28 2022

The month of May is host to a full calendar of fun, family friendly events in the Capital City. While you’re Downtown, stop in to some of our amazing restaurants and independent shops & boutiques.

Enjoying Spring in Montpelier

Apr 14 2022

This is spring here, tumultuous and dramatic, and full of wonder. It’s as if we forget every year, and are taken by surprise as the sun sets and the evening wood frogs chime in. 

A Place to Stay

Mar 03 2022

Montpelier, nestled into the heart of Vermont amidst the Green Mountains and at the convergence of three rivers including the notable Winooski, is a quaint gem of a town.  Montpelier is the smallest Capital in the Nation, with the vibrancy of a bustling city.  Known for its abundance of restaurants and cafes, and weekend family-friendly community events, Montpelier radiates activity.  

The Frozen Onion: A Fat Bike Revolution

Mar 03 2022

From my house, situated on the river near the Mountain Bike trails, I see Fat Bikers pass by every day. As they move slowly down the frozen river, and cut up through the woods, I often wonder what the appeal is. As a Mountain Biker myself, I am tempted to give it a try, but I'm not sure I could give up a good ski day to get on my bike. I thought maybe Jen and Kip Roberts, co-owners of Onion River Outdoors, could shed some light on the Montpelier Fat Bike Revolution, and tell us a bit about the upcoming Frozen Onion event, where they will be offering Fat Bike demos.